3DNeutre is a client that liked very much my last iPhone Wallpaper design and asked if I could make one with the same design for himself. This type of design is called flat design and it stands out for the simplicity, we can see many works with this style on Dribbble for example.

Flat design is a minimalist UI design genre, or design language, commonly used in graphical user interfaces (such as web applications and mobile apps), especially in such graphical materials as posters, arts, guide documents, publishing products.

I decided to make a daylight landscape inspired on my previous iPhone wallpaper with this style and keep as simple as I could. I did mostly of the round shapes with the rectangle tool and then smooth the edges but I also used those shapes to cut other shapes to look like that.

Important feedback:  “This is so beautiful on my iPhone, thank you so much!” 3DNeutre – 27 feb 2017

Programs: Photoshop