6/4 de Sado

6/4 de Sado is a hotel near to river Sado located in Setúbal. You can rent apartments and enjoy the stay with a beautiful view of the ocean and sea smell.

They contacted the Polycolor Studio to make them a logo. The studio is recent and it’s where I’m currently doing my internship. It has many services like advertising, graphic design, illustration, multimedia and more.

Polycolor Studio already made many works for several clients. If you’re interested you can ask for more information on the Polycolor Studio facebook page. The studio has good installations and it’s well equipped.

The logo is a lettering type and it’s excellent for a fancy business like lux hotels. It was made on the drawing tablet with the digital pen art technique in photoshop. Then, after having the base shape, vectorized it using illustrator for perfect curves. Notice the ripples and curves on the logo that highlight the ocean waves and remind us the sea.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator