Alien Mascot

Alien mascot is a requested logo for a client called Kidstith. He’s a Youtuber and his channel is full of hilarious content. He mostly makes videos about games and they are pretty awesome and original.

I was hired to design a logo that demonstrates a lot of craziness, different from everything we’ve seen on the internet, weird in an original way, funny and abstract. The requested main color was red.

You can try to imagine how hard it is to make something so subjective but I loved the challenge this client gave me!

I started by doing the sketch in photoshop with my drawing tablet and then vectorize and illustrate in illustrator.

Important Feedback: “I absolutely love how my logo came out. It was wonderful working with Gustavo. He made exactly the type of logo I was looking for!” Kidstith – 12 may 2017

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator