Assassin Mascot

Assassin mascot is my pre-made logo and it was sold on PremadeDesigns. is a website in which designers can apply and then sell their logos. What makes Premade Designs special is the fact that they have changed a lot of designers lives.

I already sold some logos on that website and it has one of the best quality designer support I’ve ever seen. It also helped me become a better designer, improve myself and gain new skills.

My inspiration was on some epic images of warriors, assassins, and knights. I did a small search on some history articles and weapons and found it kind of fascinating and boring… Anyway, I started by doing the sketch on photoshop with my drawing tablet and then vectorize and illustrate in illustrator.

The logo you buy can only be sold one time, so it’s yours and only yours. You’ll receive industry standard source files such as adobe illustrator and PNG.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator