Barracuda Graphic Design

Barracuda Graphic Design is a banner for the Barracuda company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the Barracuda Security Gateway Benefits. Barracuda offers a comprehensive Protection from threats with Email Security and we can try for free!

The Barracuda provides Filtering and Data leak Prevention is a complete email Management Solution and encrypts messages, leverage the Cloud. It’s possible to discover Business Trust, Products with Case Studies, White Papers, Data Sheets and Free Webinars, without any risk-free Products and Services.

They also give Protection against other threats, like Malware, Spam, Phishing, Service ensure that Business Productivity is not impacted by attacks through email System. Powerful and Customizable Policies enable enforcement of detailed Requirements. Barracuda Sentinel, a Cloud Solution for Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense.

They stop threats before they hit the Network with Filtering to the Cloud reduces the Processing load because is Integrated with Cloud Services, which Performs Inbound Security and Outbound Filtering. Email Availability to re-direct traffic to a secondary Server. Protect Sensitive Data with Powerful Encryption Technology to sensitive Data. Email Security simplified with Cloud Management. The Key Features for everything mentioned above is Virus Protection and Spam Protection, Spam and Virus Pre-Filtering, Email Spooling, Outbound Filtering and Encryption, Cloud-Based Central Management and Simple Pricing. The Barracuda Octopus Aegir BOA-3.2.0 on GitHub.

The Barruca Graphic Design is major made by vector on Illustrator by Adobe. I started by making the illustration of the sharks, the water, and land with the movement effects, then I placed the Business man in danger and it means a message that is “Don’t Fall Victim to Spear Phishing, just don’t.” It’s a basic flat design illustration and their Logo is on the bottom left corner as you can see.

Pros and cons: Pros – Barracuda Spam Filter protect from common spam and viruses. Cons – takes a while for the Barracuda Spam Filter to “learn” what is truly spam and what is the legitimate email.

Barracuda Alternatives: Imperva Incapsula, The core for Imperva is very impressive. The stuff that is all in the background runs well and stumps security professionals, you can check the free trial.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator