Carbonite Graphic Design

Carbonite Graphic Design is a banner for the Carbonite company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the Carbonite Backup Benefits. Carbonite offers an Advanced Cloud and Data Protection Backup with a fast Recovery, perfect fit for Business.

The Carbonite Backup works offline with a 30-day trial. They do unlimited Backups on every computer and we can Upgrade to add more Servers, Storage, and space, with an easy cloud installation via multiple Platforms and Dashboards.

They also can make Automatic Cloud Backups on every file with easy recovery and access anywhere, Safe and Secure. Their features extend to simple following complexes such as photos, documents, music, emails, videos, drives or even settings. The A simple in memory and persistent Object cache for Android on GitHub.

The Carbonite Graphic Design was made based on the vector using Illustrator then effects and placements on Photoshop. I started with the vector Cloud, email, WWW, Icons, Settings, Schedule, and brights on Illustrator. Then  I used the overlay double effect triangle exposure with some bright points and blue light at the right bottom corner and a Picture, Image or Photo of Business Analytics on Data Safety and Recover on the left creating an excellent harmony. For the final touch, I used their Logo below the main centered Design.

Pros and cons: Pros – we can receive unlimited data backup at a low cost. Cons – we can’t create public links to share your files with a large audience.

Carbonite Alternatives: SugarSync, we can send file links via mobile text and storage space is computed according to just a single file version, you may download the trial.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator