Domo + Salesforce Graphic Design

Domo + Salesforce Graphic Design is a banner for the Domo company working with Salesforce. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and see my talent, plus highlight the Domo Platform Data Benefits. The Markup, style, and code in one language on GitHub.

Anyone looking for better Decisions and Combinations in the Data area, Reporting Options and Management should try. The Products can get Powerful with Data Analytics and they help you with the Domo Dashboard Tool, Analytics, Cloud and other Recommendations. In you’re interested check the Salesforce Analytics Pros below:

Velocity – Optimize, Decisions and speed on Average days to close and Conversation Rate.
Access – Connection without coding and Connection on the Critical Metrics like Average Conversion Rate and Average Deal. Domo Use Cases and Deployment Scope as part of our business intelligence and analytics tools.
Comparations – Create Dynamic and Intuitive Analytics plus Individual Reports to any Organization. Domo Pros – can combine data from disparate data sources. Domo Cons  – can sometimes cause problems when trying to create a graph.
Organization – Engaging to Collaborate right the data is and keep Leads evenly Distributed across the entire Sales team.
Definitely, is hard get a better application than Domo Software with Solutions for Integrating Data Sources and Data Access. Moreover, they let you get a live Demo or Customize your own Demo and watch for free! Likelihood to Recommend Domo is great for merging data across platforms.

If you’re asking how I made this Graphic Design I’ll go step by step:

  1. Gradient Digital background with shadows and lights.
  2. Applied a double reflected Data overlay with blue effects.
  3. Used a daylight sun rays at the center and made a share effect.
  4. Wrote Data and made a lot of layer styles with blue gradients.
  5. For the final touch over placed a Tech overlay with a flare on Data, I made everything on Photoshop.

Domo Alternatives: Tableau Server, excellent if you want to share and publish your work in Tableau desktop across an organization or with external clients.

Programs: Photoshop