Gustavo Graphics

Gustavo Graphics is me, obviously, and I decided to make a logo and a few other things for my identity.

Until achieving this final logo I had to go through a big study procedure. You may not know but my full name is Gustavo Gomes Araújo and I picked the (G)ustavo (G)omes (A)raújo and gathered them together. There weren’t many easy ways to make it but I did. It wasn’t at the first, or second as you can see in the sketch on the right side.

There are 2 sights for everything. You already know the base gray form of my logo but I needed a second. I tried many colors but I wanted to make something with greater prominence. I started by doing 3 dimensions, giving capacity, shadows, and highlighting edges in metal colors, then gold, and for the final a fusion between those two. I think I can call the second sight the logo art.

I also draw and painted a character called Susanoo from an anime to represent myself. I made it on the drawing tablet using photoshop and took me many weeks because it was my first time doing a painted art in photoshop. You’ll see the procedure and the final result for my banner.

The banner above isn’t actually my most recent banner. You’ll realize that at the end of the article but before that, I made an 18 seconds motion design for introduce myself in after effects.

Programs: Photoshop Illustrator After Effects