Idera Graphic Design

Idera Graphic Design is a banner for the Idera company. I made this Graphic  Design to call their attention and highlight the Idera Database Performance Benefits. Idera empowers Database and IT professionals to Monitor and Manage Idera empowers Database and IT professionals to Monitor and Manage Data center environments. They have an excellent Software and you can try for free (14 days) called SQL Diagnostic Manager Professional.

It has cool features like Performance Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Expert Recommendations, Alerts, resolve Performance issues and web-based Dashboard that include 100% free SQL Tools, Integrated SQL Solutions Dashboard, SQL Server Software Solutions, PowerShell Scripting, Mobile Access, Microsoft Management, DBArtisan, Integrated Expert Recommendations, Custom SQL Permission Control, SQL Alerts, Collaboration, TempDB Monitoring, and much more! Plus they also have a SQL Server Performance Monitoring with the SQL Diagnostic Manager mentioned before. The new version is Improved with time-based drill-down, refined history range Control, and Optimized Performance. One of the most Powerful Softwares to explore Database Management Solutions, Database Development Solutions, and IT Management Solutions. They have other tools like Backup and Administration SQL Safe, Development Rapid SQL, Security, and Compliance SQL Compliance Manager, Backup, and Administration, Monitoring, and Performance SQL Inventory Manager, Security SQL Secure, my favorite Design and Architecture and Monitoring and Performance Precise.

I started Idera Graphic Design by doing the vector of the duck icon logo in my way on Illustrator. After that, I added a background that doesn’t belong to the duck environment to make sense of the sentence. Moreover, made a linear Design the Idera colors base and wrote a few features of their Powerful Software with Photoshop. Few effects like reflection are on the color feature base and a little touch of shadows on the brown over the green.

Pros and cons: Pros – can back up Windows, Linux and virtual machines via an online administration dashboard. Cons – server backup software does not back up data on Mac computers.

Idera Alternatives: Zabbix, gather and analyze accurate statistics and performance metrics, you can download their products.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator