Intelex Graphic Design

Intelex Graphic Design is a banner for the Intelex company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the Intelex Software Solutions Benefits. Intelex offers an extended exploration of Software Solutions on essential Business areas such as Environment, Health, Quality, and Management.

The Intelex have many clients over the world and they quickly meet every need with tailored Software Solutions. We can get a complete visibility of our Performance across multiple Web sites or single Business units. We can access or record information on a simple Mobile Device.

They also have other features like saving with Big Data, Managing and Sustainability Data, Transforming Health with Digital Mobile Technology, Business Safety Performance, essential Software and Sustainability Reporting. We can check their Platform, Whitepapers and we’ll find a way to transform our Data into Action with Management Platform. It was a lot of benefits to Enterprise, Reports, and Dashboards, Task Management, Mobility, Configurability, Security, Online, Document Control and many other like Data Service, API, Risk Management, Application and much more. The Intelex Billiards Championship Series website on GitHub.

This Graphic Design it’s a very good mix of a photography with manipulation, vector, effects and clean 3D objects. I started by creating a spiced cube with twenty-seven small cubes and Features on some with the Intelex Logo at the center of it. Then I placed a double glass cube behind like the previous Design and a faded blue background. After that, I used a photo manipulated on Photoshop of a Health and Safety women breathing fresh air. Almost forgot, the Tablet was made at the same time of the cubes using vectors on Illustrator and a magical effect came out. For the end, an overlay Analytics Hearth bit Rate overlay on everything and behind one of the main cubes.

Pros and cons: Pros – great work environment. Cons- no ability to work from home.

Intelex Alternatives: Chargify, we can use Chargify to sign up, retain, analyze, and manage your recurring customers., you may download for free.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator