Machinima is a global YouTube network mostly focusing on gaming. Machinima has widespread availability across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and through Android and Apple’s iOS.

I decided to make a banner for this media company with the NordicGraphics ‏style. He’s a social media designer for MythVisuals and co-leader of AspectualMinds. He’s also one of my favorite designers of all time, I think his styles it’s very unique, powerful, and colorful with an amazing technique.

I wanted to use what he calls “old style” because I never saw a design call so much attention. I spent half-day figuring out the technique and how to make this style. But after wasn’t that hard, I used the main machinima colors – red and black with light, shadows, depth and many other effects until be possible to achieve the harmony of this great design.

Important Feedback: “This is dope.” Machinima – 23 apr 2017 | “You’re the first who figured out how to make this style ^^ good work man” NordicGraphics – 22 apr 2017

Programs: Photoshop