Mashery Graphic Design

Mashery Graphic Design is a banner for the Mashery company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the API Platform Benefits for Digital Business. Mashery offers API Management and the right API Management Solution with Tibco.

The Mashery APIs have a modern Digital Business, new Market, Mobile Access, and Applications, essential to Application Architecture. Tibco Mashery is the leader of the overall evolution of API Management Products to API Management Platforms. We can check the Magic Quadrant full report for a market view on full lifecycle API Management Technology to deliver Solutions. The Mashery tools on GitHub.

They also have many API Products such as Creation, Portal, Gateway, Analytics, and Solutions, like Programs, Developer Engagement, Mobile, Industries, like Data Services, Healthcare, and much more. The best part is the Services, like Strategy Services, Developer Platform Services, and Technical Support. Go ahead and check their Product Demo if you’re interested. But you can check the Tibco Mashery competitors and alternatives.

I started the Mashery Graphic Design by placing the Logo at the center. I noticed the red colors are very important to the Logo so I kept them and added the circle point like an aim or target to it with those red colors. I also made a speaker on Illustrator with Mechanics Connected and a baby blue background with the world map in whiter colors. For the final touch, I used a full fill world on a bit bottom of the header with some ray lights overlay and effect.

Pros and cons: Pros- Simple to use. Cons – Hard for new hires to implement or use.

Mashery Alternatives: Fusio, an open source API management platform which helps to build and manage RESTful APIs, you may download the trial.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator