Prology is a Youtuber mainly focused on call of duty. He does amazing gameplays and his channel is full of awesome tips and tricks to help any player.

I was hired two times. The first one, to make an epic samurai mascot and an awesome header for his social medias.

I started by doing the samurai sketch on Photoshop and both vectoring and illustration on Illustrator. Then, I made the banner in Photoshop with the same thematic, the respective samurai village with a powerful mystic and galactic overlay effect.

The second time, it was a new challenge for me and I was very excited about it.  I had to make an illustration of the Prology himself and a manipulated environment banner. There weren’t hard or easy parts, every obstacle needed to be surpassed, connect everything as good as possible and impress with the terrific work.

I made everything on Photoshop. Started by doing a few sketches based on his photos, then I used a brush paint technique with the pen-tablet. It took a while but completed the hardest and detailed part, his head. After that, I worked for the first time with Photoshop 3D tools and I must confess that I got a very good impression, they were practical and useful. Manipulated the 3D Prology name with the mountain range environment and painted the remaining body to sit on his own name.

Furthermore, he ordered a facecam border more faced to the samurai style with a powerful energy and galactic essence.

Important Feedback: “It’s insane! He’s amazing at what he does! Guys please check this legend out!” Prology – 2 jan 2017

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator