Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. I decided to make a twitter banner for them to call their attention and maybe get an opportunity on their company as a graphic designer.

I started with the green environment, land, and trees, then the mountains and birds. After that, I made the sky based on baby blue tones, the clouds and the man on the rock looking for something, everything with a happy daylight flat design technique.

More about this platform, which enables native integration with all of our enrollment data at the hands of our entire team on desktop and mobile devices.

Salesforce Analytics Pros

  • Non-technical set-up: ability to integrate data right within the user interface
  • External data sources: upload non-Salesforce data via the built-in JSON data integration tool
  • Data Visualization: easy to create graphs, charts, and dashboards for regular multi-data set faceting and reporting

Salesforce Analytics Cons

  • Integration: more native built-in integration partnerships
  • Export data and dashboards to Excel or PDF
  • Ability to drive back into an individual account/contact/lead

Salesforce Analytics Alternatives

Domo and HubSpot

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator