Sardines Event

Sardines Event is a planned occasion by Tasca do Xarroque in partnership with the Festas de Lisboa. Tasca do Xarroque is a restaurant with bar service and live music located in Setúbal. They bring the best of the Portugal gastronomy with a cozy ambient and full of charisma. Interested? You can check their facebook page and call them to reserve a table or ask for more information.

They contacted the Polycolor Studio to make them sardines like the contest in Lisbon. The studio is recent and it’s where I’m currently doing my internship. It has many services like advertising, graphic design, illustration, multimedia and more.

Polycolor Studio already made many works for several clients. If you’re interested you can ask for more information on the Polycolor Studio facebook page. The studio has good installations and it’s well equipped.

The deadline for this project was short and it can be organized into two parts. The small sardines and the big one. Three or two small sardines were made each day. Some with a summer essence, others with a digital and abstract style. The hardest one was obviously the biggest sardine because it needed more details and the theme was related to the best things of Setúbal.

Programs: Photoshop