Site24x7 Graphic Design

Site24x7 Graphic Design is a banner for the Site24x7 company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the Site24x7 website Monitoring Benefits. Site24x7 offers a global perspective of Monitor URLs over the internet and many other Networks, Platform synthetic Web Monitoring from many ISP Networks.

The Site24x7 can Website Uptime Monitoring without false Alers or Reports, it means Monitor and Performance globally, Connection and Analyzes the Website responds. Track Performance critical internet Services such as Website Monitoring, Synthetic Transaction Monitoring, User Monitoring, Web Page Analyser, DNS Server Monitoring, Mail Server Monitoring, URL Monitoring, Webpage Monitoring, API Monitoring, Web Services Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Ping Monitoring, and much more. Monitor Network, it means Global Monitoring Network with auto-updating Software in our Internal Network or Prive Cloud, Monitor Resources behind the Firewall like Applications and Database Servers. Analyze Webpage, Web Apps, RUM Stats, Alerts Management and Reporting and more like Mobile Access, Power Plan, Hosted Public Status Views and Rood Analysis.

They also make we stay on top of Downtime with Monitor Availability, Integrate with third-party Applications, Root Cause Analysis, DNS Analysis, Perform detailed content, Monitoring to analyze performance, Monitor our mobile Websites and other Services, track Availability and Performance of Website with iOS and Android Apps, Monitoring Capabilities of Website Monitoring, Webpage Analyzer, Web Application Monitoring, Web Application, DNS Monitor and much more. We should Try their 30-day Free trial, plans pricing and sign up. The Chef cookbook for site24x7 services on GitHub.

I made this Graphic Design starting with the Site24x7 Logo at the center and the green radar that highlight the Monitoring part of that company. After that, I proceed with a background full of chromatic rectangles and made the effect turning to green, then I used many bushes to dark and light the place in borders and dimension. For the final touch, I simply added the white simple text that makes a very clean aspect.

Pros and cons: Pros – a streamlined control panel can greatly help your workflow by ensuring you can perform routine tasks in a quick fashion. Cons – limited webmail management tools.

Site24x7 Alternatives: UptimeRobot, dashboard with 50 Monitors, Checked Every 5 Minutes, Totally Free. Monitor HTTP(s), Ping, Port and check Keywords, you can free download trial.

Programs: Photoshop