Solarwinds Graphic Design

Solarwinds Graphic Design is a banner for the Solarwinds company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the Solarwinds IT Management Software Benefits. Solarwinds offers a solution for our toughest IT Management Problems with Powerful IT Management Services.

The Solarwinds Tools can be Downloaded for free with a 30-day trial, plus they offer other Services Traffic Categories, Traffic Classification, Packet Analysis Sensors and Application Dashboard. They a lot of Product Solvers like Network Management, Systems Management, IT Security, Database Management, IT Help Desk and Monitoring Cloud. And you can try for all of those for free! I can mention a few features like Performance and Availability on Network Monitoring, Automated Capacity on Alerting and Reporting, Performance Visibility Commercial and custom Applications, Cloud Environments, Cloud and Virtualized Database, Capacity Planning, Network Traffic, Device and Flow Support, Monitoring and Storage Performance, Real-time Configuration and log Data to quickly spot Security incidents. The SolarWinds TraceView instrumentation for Go (aka Golang) on GitHub.

I used the orange that’s the best color for Solarwinds because it means fire, potential, Performance. It was possible to do that with a background pre-made and then CCs and filters. Added the Logo with effect on the fire symbol and applied that same effect with a lot more details on the background but with shades and highlights plus Techniques from several Photoshop Tools.

Pros and cons: Pros – the monitoring system is extremely flexible. Cons – difficult and overwhelming for new users to learn sometimes.

Solarwinds Alternatives: VMware vCenter, includes nearly all of the required functions in an easy to find format and layout, you can try the product for free.

Programs: Photoshop