The Best 3D Animation Software

My selection is based on my three years of graphic design experience with graphic design software.

I know that are not many creatives with cash to buy the most expensive graphic design software. The default pick is the Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of applications but let me show the best 3D animation software related to 3D art software and more.

Autodesk 3DS Max

For a 3D artist that want to buy a software, it’s worth knowing this great software and Autodesk offer free 30-day trials in its 3D content creation suites 3ds Max.

Pros and cons: Pros – This application is a professional-grade 3D animation package with innumerable features. Cons – It does not support soft body dynamics.

Autodesk 3DS Max: Blender is the best alternative with free and open source application that can be used for any purpose. Blender is a totally free software that can be used for free. Or you can use the Cinema 4D that is a graphic editor for professional 3D editors and artists and you can try for free.

This expensive software is industry favorites. The most top in the world creative industry use both programs and to buy it will cost at least $3,675. Autodesk know how expensive the products are so you can download a free trial of 3ds Max 2018.

The Blur Studio’s Python integration plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max on GitHub.