The Best Publishing Software

My selection is based on my three years of graphic design experience with graphic design software.

I know that are not many creatives with cash to buy the most expensive graphic design software. The default pick is the Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of applications but let me show the best software related to art software and more.

Adobe InDesign CC

If you’re working on professional publications of any length or shape, InDesign remains the champion software – as this evolutionary update proves.

The gold standard in professional publishing. Virtually every magazine uses it to create rich, complex layouts. You can try for free the Adobe InDesign CC here.

Pros and cons: Pros –  Liquid Layout is one of the most eyes- catching new features. Cons – Folio Builder tool at the heart of InDesign’s tablet publishing capabilities wasn’t yet available.

InDesign Alternatives: Scribus,  a desktop publishing (DTP) application, you can download this software and try for free.

Useful script(s) for Adobe InDesign on GitHub.