The Best Video Editing Software

My selection is based on my three years of graphic design experience with graphic design software.

I know that are not many creatives with cash to buy the most expensive graphic design software. The default pick is the Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of applications but let me show the best software related to art software and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro is an immensely-popular, timeline-based video editor that is available for Windows and Mac.

Premier Pro will be an awesome video editing tool, particularly when we consider features. Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Cloud

Pros and cons: Pros – This software offers many ways to learn how to use its array of video editing tools. Cons – compared to other products in our lineup, this software has the limited device and social sharing optimization choices.

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives: OpenShot, OpenShot is an open source video editing program, you may download the windows version.

MOX plug-ins for Premiere and After Effects on GitHub.