Triumph Arts

Triumph Arts is a professional Social Media Designer for Razer, Turtle Beach, and G-Fuel. He focuses mainly on advertisements for those gaming support companies.

The header is dedicated to this artist but it’s also my multiple-time sale pre-made banner and it’s for sale on PremadeBanners. is a website in which designers can apply and then sell their banners. What makes Premade Banners special is the fact that they have changed a lot of designers lives.

I already sold some banners on that website and it has one of the best quality designer support I’ve ever seen. It also helped me become a better designer, improve myself and gain new skills.

The Triumph Arts banner is a DIY 80′ retro header with an obvious glow of retro and neon effects with the main character jumping out of the big picture. Upon purchase, you will access a download to the PSD file. You will be able to customize the design yourself provided that you have access to Photoshop or we can customize for you, or they can customize for you. For more information read the product description.

Programs: Photoshop