Vanessa Vieira

Vanessa Vieira is a YouTuber who makes videos about vegan food,  the fashion industry, environmentalism and conscious alternatives. She recently started to make videos for youtube with those themes and she’s known as The Ecological Little Monkey.

I was hired to design and illustrate her little monkey and make the youtube banner.

She sent me two example images. One was to look similar to the little monkey from a movie and the other was design style of a little girl with a spring theme. I started by doing the sketch based on an image of that little monkey. Then did a small change on the monkey position and structure, added a cape (symbolize protection, the savior) and our planet Earth (represent the environment).  The monkey position gives an idea of questions about the environment – ecological world.

After draw and paint the monkey, I started to make the banner and the respective environment with an ecological theme. The technique utilized was high-quality images manipulation with many effects and the monkey hand-draw/paint. The manipulation technique is known for being realistic, have many details and a high definition.

Programs: Photoshop