Viking Mascot

Viking mascot is my pre-made logo and it was sold for an unworthy amount of money.

About this mascot, I only have a bad experience to share and hope it won’t happen again.

I was impatient and for some reason, I wanted to sell this mascot as quick as I could. Maybe because I thought it looked way too good to not have any buyer in the first week.

But then this guy called Seth wanted to buy and made an offer (50% discount) and I said no. A few days later he said that would pay the total amount and I could start to customize his name. This was where I did my mistake, I shouldn’t have started without an advance.

After I finish, he asked to try more two names, and I did. Then he said he would pay one week later (because was camping), and I waited with the mascot reserved. One week after, he said that only have 50% and then I waited another week until he had the total amount.

On the 2nd week, he invented some excuses and asked for try two more names, and I did. Then he said it didn’t have the money and was dealing with a loss… I tried to be comprehensive and agreed to wait another week.

I hope you liked the warm up because it will get serious now.

On the 3rd week, he said: “I can’t afford it anymore dude”, “I thought I had more money then I did and I had to help buy groceries”. Okay, now I was losing my mind but when he said: “Dude if anything the most I can pay is 5 dollars and I’ll have to have my brother pay me”… I didn’t have any words for this.

A few moments later, I was too tired of all that and I made him an offer. 90% discount plus a massive shoutout for the logo. He sent the money, I sent the files and then he didn’t say anything good to compensate, I asked if he could and then he blocked me. End of it.

I can’t do anything about because it was my bad. One thing is for sure, this won’t happen again to me. #LessonLearned

My inspiration was an epic image from Dragonborn and other Viking images where I could select some colors and shapes. Then I started by doing the sketch in photoshop with my drawing tablet and then vectorize and illustrate in illustrator.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator