WGU Graphic Design

WGU Graphic Design is a banner for the Western Governors University company. I made this Graphic Design to call their attention and highlight the WGU College Information Technology Benefits. WGU offers an Online IT Degrees and IT Certifications for much less money.

The WGU had important Degrees such as Cybersecurity, Data Management and Data Analytics, Information Technology Security, Software Development, Health Information Management, Business Information Technology Management in the Bachelor’s section and much more on Master’s Programs.

They also make you earn the Credentials and IT Certifications, IT Skills and Knowledge and Technology Curriculum. We can check their Tuition like Business and Health Programs and All Teachers College Programs with Resources and Application Fee. Those Degrees are approved for Veterans Administration, Military Tuition Assistance such as National Guard, Corporate Reimbursement, Self Pay, Scholarships, Student Loans and Federal Grants. It’s a simple less time and less money work, better Learning Experience, and Superior results.

The WGU Graphic Design had a lot of turns. I started by using a pattern background and the gold with dark red as main colors to a fancy look. After that, I used vector lines with wrap and segment points in each two corner but I changed the colors to the WGU Logo colors and that’s dark blue to give a Professional look. I used an overlay multiple squares from huge to small connected to the Logo and changed the shape, after that connection I made an overlay on the logo too to give a dynamic look. Added the Owl as the main Symbol of this University and Intelligence flying to out of the picture with contrast fades. Then I increase the blue smoke on the Owl part with particles all over the place but with detail and fancy at the same time.

Pros and cons: Pros – fast (if you want it to be and have the time), cheap, fully accredited. Cons –  tests are inconsistent as to whether they match the materials provided and/or the pre-test.

WGU Alternatives: Odu, a great way to learn about admission, tuition, and the financial aid options, you can check more about Old Dominion University.

Important Feedback: “Very nice! Only issue is it’s the wrong owl. 🙂 Sage is a European Eagle Owl.” WGU – 24 jul 2017

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator