About me

I’ll keep it short.

I am an ambitious and hard worker graphic designer based in Portugal.
I love to impress people that deserve be impressed.
I never failed a deadline and I hope I’ll never will.
Sorry if I am too cocky but you get my point, I’m good and up to any challenge.


– Completed my graphic design course with excellent grades.
– 100% client satisfaction until now. (updated monthly)
– Won a national contest with a high price and others.
– Affiliated with Premade Designs. (only the best logo designers can have their work on this platform)
– Internship in Polycolor Studio, Portugal. (where many works got exposed and praised)


– Logo design, with a passion for eSports mascot design.
– Illustration, from simple vector illustration like flat design to digital art crafted by the best brushes, a magical pen-tablet, and a lot of mad skills.
– Social media, when the topic is making social media headers or banners, profile pictures, and revamps not many can beat me.
– Animation, I’m not saying I’m the best on this area but I’m not bad at all and it’s very funny.

Main Goal

I have huge dreams and high expectations for the future!
– Grab the best opportunities and show what I’m capable of.
– Travel across the world with many design requests from huge companies and identities.
– Be known worldwide by my most amazing designs and exposed works across the world.
– Do what no one can and be legendary for that.
As I said, huge dreams and high expectations maybe way too high. But when we believe and don’t give up there’s nothing impossible!


– Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign and SketchBook Pro.
– After Effects, Cinema 4D and Adobe Flash.
– Sony Vegas, Roxio and VideoPad.
– WavePad and Audacity.

* The website is updated weekly since 2017.
* The testimonials below are from clients, big companies or great artists.

  • Western Governors University

    Western Governors University - Online University

    Very nice! Only issue is it’s the wrong owl. 🙂 Sage is a European Eagle Owl. WGU – 24 jul 2017


    DATA FGC - Atlanta's Fighting Game Pro Team

    Love it dude great work – 28 may 2017

  • Swarm Rage

    Swarm Rage - Founder of Swarm Alliance, Former for TrueRespects, TraumSniping, SeveralEmotion and YouTuber

    Amazing! Thanks so much! Guys go check out Gustavo Graphic he does amazing revamps. – 23 apr 2017

  • António Cid

    António Cid - Singer, Compositor and Guitarist on Youtube

    It turned out a very stylish and cool logo – 10 may 2017

  • Machinima

    Machinima - Media Company

    This is dope. – 23 apr 2017

  • Myth Nordic

    Myth Nordic - Social Media Designer

    You’re the first who figured out how to make this style ^^ good work man – 22 apr 2017

  • HexHasSixSides

    HexHasSixSides - Gamer Yotuber

    Love it so damn much 😭😭❤️ – 13 mar 2017

  • Airrio

    Airrio - Another Happy Client

    I just want to say thanks again, I really love the logo 🙏🏻 – 9 mar 2017

  • 3DNeutre

    3DNeutre - Another Happy Client

    This is so beautiful on my iPhone, thank you so much! – 27 feb 2017

  • Prology

    Prology - COD Youtuber

    It’s insane! He’s amazing at what he does! Guys please check this legend out! – 2 jan 2017