HexHasSixSides is a Gamer Yotuber who brings entertainment videos, funny moments, and all the “jazz” to our computer monitor. With more than 200 subscribers, he mainly makes humor videos playing Black Ops 3, Clash Royale and computer building.

I was hired to remake his logo with my own style. I got this opportunity because this client saw how successful I was with my last logo remake.

I started to re-create the logo in vector to get the best definition possible, then I fixed every edge and made it more visually pleasing. After that, I used a high-resolution background and made all the highlight and shadow effects, the contrasts, and small details (like the rubies on the background).

Important Feedback: “Love it so damn much 😭😭❤️” HexHasSixSides – 13 mar 2017

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator