Take your Business to the Stars

Take your Business to the Stars is a facebook post for the studio where I’m currently doing my internship. The studio is called Polycolor Studio and it has many services like advertising, graphic design, illustration, multimedia and more.

Polycolor Studio is recent and already made many works for several clients. If you’re interested you can ask for more information on the Polycolor Studio facebook page. The studio has good installations and it’s well equipped.

This post is a combination of flat clouds with painted clouds, there’s a lot of fade effect to give more dimension. The rocket was fully customized and it’s going to the moon. It means to take your entrepreneur ideas up and go far way with your business. The moon and the stars are an overlay. Finally, the text translating “Take your business to the stars with our services” was made with the 3D illustrator tool and the other effects was all made on the most popular design program, photoshop.

Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator